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Exploring the Chico Experience

By Kacey Gardner, editorial assistant

In the pictures of Wildcat Recreation Center staff member Salam Ali fixing the rope to my harness for the first time, you’ll see me beaming with eyes cast down, watching her hands as she explains the reliability of the Figure-Eight Knot she’s tying.

climbing 1
WREC staff member Salam Ali ties the rope to Kacey’s harness.

What you don’t see are the frantic thoughts racing through my mind: “Why am I doing this? This is a terrible idea. I hate heights. Are you crazy? Look at how high this wall is!”

But at that point, there was no turning back.

I had agreed to face my fears of heights and aversion to exercise in order to write about the WREC Climbing Gym for this blog.

In theory, it had sounded fun. But actually standing there—all too aware of my physical weakness and propensity for panic attacks, clammy…

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