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Adventure Outings: Beyond the Classroom



Feather River Hike & Hot Springs

Just a short 1.5 hour drive from Chico, alongside the Feather River, is an abundance of hiking as well as an inviting hot spring.  On this particular trip we decided to hike the Yellow Creek trail. Continue reading “Feather River Hike & Hot Springs”


Adventure Outings T-shirts

ao tee
Actual color is a darker, heather grey.

You may have noticed a few extremely fashionable folks around Chico rocking the AO t-shirt shown above and wondered “How can I get one of those?”  Well now it’s easier than ever!  You can purchase one online as well as the traditional method of buying them in our office.  We’ll even ship one to you for a small fee.

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Reflection: Humor in the Outdoors

When I was a child the first joke I can ever remember being told was this: “Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?…Because the meat tastes funny!” Of course being 4 or 5 years old I had no idea what that meant. Now, I totally get it and it is absolutely hilarious. I contribute my love for puns and horrible jokes to this awesome joke.  Continue reading “Reflection: Humor in the Outdoors”

[Video] Adventure Outings – We Never Stop Exploring

Take a look at this excellent video created by AO’s Graphics Coordinator Sami Hawkins.

Fall 2013 New Staff Orientation – Told via Sketchbook

One of our new Assistant Leaders, Olivia, brought her sketchbook and pens along with her on our Fall 2013 New Staff Orientation backpacking trip in Plumas and Lassen National Forests .  What follows are snapshots from each day of the Fall 2013 new Staff Orientation with Adventure Outings.

image (3) image (2)image (4) image

CSUC Rowing Team Visits AO’s Backcountry Yurt

CSUC Rowing Team

In the backcountry of Lassen National Forest,  tucked away in beautiful trees and rolling green grasses is the Adventure Outings yurt. Renting the yurt is a great opportunity offered to not only students, but to the community as well.

As a current Adventure Outings staff member, I took the chance to share this wonderful place with my teammates on the CSUC Rowing Team!  On a warm October Saturday afternoon, a team practice was concluded with a drive up to a weekend of camping at the yurt!  The team headed up together to the beautiful Colby meadows!  We started with an easy and short hike into the yurt with everything in hand for an enjoyable weekend together.  We were able to explore some of the area around the yurt and some trails of the meadow.  We climbed trees, frolicked about, chopped wood, and had a relaxed team camp fire with silly stories, jokes, and a successful massage train! Everyone was able to sleep comfortably inside of the yurt with some technique and a lot of cuddling.

The next morning was a struggle, because not only are we students, but we are all student athletes and value sleep and are incredibly selfish when given the opportunity to have it.  Breakfast spanned for about three hours and learned the art of making a perfect pancake through patience, care, and meticulous attention.  Everyone enjoyed a relaxed morning with great food and good company to be shared.

The trip turned out to be beneficial for the team by improving team cohesion, improving bonding between individuals and the added various shared inside jokes. The hike out was evocative and became more reminiscent for everyone there.  The yurt is a place that I cherish and hold very true to my heart.  It was a great trip among great people of the CSUC Rowing Team!

AO’s Lassen Volcanic National Park Tour

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Chico is full of amazing outdoor opportunities to visit the best that northern California has to offer.  However, many of these often fall to the wayside because of low priority, intimidation, or just by people being completely unaware! Adventure Outings is a program for students, run by students to expand the knowledge, love, and experience for the great outdoors and all that it has to offer!

This past September, Adventure Outings took off on an expedition to the Lassen Volcanic National Park!  This park is one of the few areas in the world where all four types of volcano’s can be found: plug dome, shield, cinder cone, and strato.  On the first day, the group stopped at the National Park visiting center and learned about the history of the Volcanic Park and how each volcano was prevalent to Lassen.  Also, everyone was able to explore the area surrounding Lassen Peak, which is still active with boiling mud pots, stinking fumaroles, and churning hot springs. After a long day of exploring and relaxed hikes, everyone headed to camp early for a leisurely hang out and nap. The night was enjoyed by the camp fire; playing games, reading poems, and telling stories all while eating delicious banana boat treats!

The next morning everyone packed up camp and explored on into the Volcanic Park by making the great climb up Cinder Dome Volcano!  The climb was vigorous and challenging which added to the excitement of the overall triumphant accomplishment to the top! In addition with the winds were blowing so fast and hard, picking up all the rocks and ash, it felt that it would clean you straight off the mountain! Once to the top, the views of Lassen were absolutely breath taking and invigorating that illustrated the impact of beauty and balance of the great outdoors!

Lassen Volcanic National Park is most definitely a must see destination for everyone! It is so incredibly close to Chico that it must be taken advantage of! I highly encourage and recommend everyone go out and explore the beautiful environment of Lassen.


Banff Mountain Film Festival Returns to Chico – Spring 2014

Banff Logo

We’re stoked to announce the details for the 2014 Chico screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour!  This year’s event will take place on Friday April 11, 2014 at the El Rey Theatre.  Doors will open at 6pm and films will begin at 7pm.  Tickets will go on sale February 3, 2014 at 9am and they can be purchased online or in AO’s Office in the basement of the Bell Memorial Union.  Remember tickets sold out last year and we had to turn people away at the door – don’t hesitate!

Further details will be announced as they are ironed out.  To get the latest information we recommend liking AO’s Facebook Page and joining the event

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