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Adventure Outings: Beyond the Classroom

Feather River Hike & Hot Springs

Just a short 1.5 hour drive from Chico, alongside the Feather River, is an abundance of hiking as well as an inviting hot spring.  On this particular trip we decided to hike the Yellow Creek trail. Continue reading “Feather River Hike & Hot Springs”


Reblog: The Three (and a half) Types Of Fun, Explained (from

We’re taking the liberty repost this, with full credit to, because it certainly applies to our trips–at least types 1-2.

If everyone’s smiling, no one has to wear a pack or worry about avalanches, and you’re riding chairlifts, you’re enjoying some Type I fun. Ryan Dunfee.

On a base level, everything you could ever do in the outdoors qualifies as fun. From bluebird pow days off the high-speed quad to grueling multi-day backpacking trips in the rain and sleet, it’s all better than being at work, and thus fun. But do you know how to properly classify the type of fun you’re about to embark on this weekend? Continue reading “Reblog: The Three (and a half) Types Of Fun, Explained (from”

AO Winter Training 2016

Over Winter Break 11 AO staff members spent four days on the flanks of Mt. Shasta embracing El Nino and sharpening our winter skills.  Over the duration of the trip the crew saw nearly two feet snowfall but was also lucky enough to experience some bluebird skies.  The team created a posh winter campsite featuring 4-season tents, snow kitchen, snow walls and a privacy cave for when nature calls.  When we weren’t busy digging our tents out from the snow we learned the basics avalanche avoidance and rescue, how to travel in winter conditions and even a bit of how to travel as a rope team.  Enjoy the photos below!

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Our Local Adventures – The Iron Canyon Trail

The Iron Canyon Trail is located just outside of Red Bluff on Highway 36.  It’s typically done as a 4 mile loop with the main attraction being a nice view of the Sacramento River as it makes a turn through Iron Canyon.  Along the way you also cross several other creeks and “mini-canyons.”  The trail is rocky at times so be sure to wear sturdy footwear.  Dogs and bikes are allowed, camping is not.

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Type: Hike, trail run or bike (not recommended)
Location: Highway 36 near Red Bluff
Duration: 1-2 hours
Distance: 4 miles
Drive time from campus: 45 minutes
Approx cost: $5 in gas
What you need: A car/, sturdy shoes, copy of map, water and snacks
Experience level: Novice
Level of difficulty: Low

Adventure Outings T-shirts

ao tee
Actual color is a darker, heather grey.

You may have noticed a few extremely fashionable folks around Chico rocking the AO t-shirt shown above and wondered “How can I get one of those?”  Well now it’s easier than ever!  You can purchase one online as well as the traditional method of buying them in our office.  We’ll even ship one to you for a small fee.

WWO Article Published in Chico Statements Magazine

We’re extremely excited to be featured in the Fall 2015 version of Chico Statements magazine.   Continue reading “WWO Article Published in Chico Statements Magazine”

Our Local Adventures – Backcountry Ski/Snowboard in Lassen Volcanic National Park

The lodge at the Southwest Visitor Center

Within an hour and a half of Chico lies Lassen Volcanic National Park. With El Nino’s arrival some AO staff and friends decided to embark on our first backcountry ski/snowboard tour of the Winter season.  We arrived at Lassen hoping there would be enough snow for our first turns of the year…and we were not disappointed!  There were several feet of fresh snow on the ground and new snow falling for our entire visit. Continue reading “Our Local Adventures – Backcountry Ski/Snowboard in Lassen Volcanic National Park”

Guest Post: Lessons Learned in the Three Sisters Wilderness

Editor’s Note:  The below story depicts a personal trip that was not associated with Adventure Outings.  While we encourage people to push themselves we also encourage them to do it safely and with proper preparation and experience.  That being said…enjoy the story!


It all started with an idea to do something epic and new for Thanksgiving break.  We were thinking Utah, or Colorado, but the drive would have taken away time from the trip itself, so Oregon it was.

Anthony: Three Sisters Wilderness seems pretty cool.

Theo: I’m down, let’s do the whole eight days there.

Anthony: Sure, looks like it snows too, but no big deal.

Theo: Cool.  Wanna do the 50 mile loop?

Anthony: Sounds great.

Just that easy, we established our idea.  An 8-day, 50 mile backpacking trek around the Three Sisters mountains in Oregon. We would follow the Pacific Crest Trail on one side of the range and cruise through the forest on the other side. With spectacular views of these majestic mountains from all angles, we started to get really excited. We just needed the right gear for cold temperature and snow, and a lot of food. Three friends vs. the Three Sisters. Continue reading “Guest Post: Lessons Learned in the Three Sisters Wilderness”

Spring 2016 Calendar


Below is our Spring 2016 Trips and Events Calendar.  These trips will be open for registration online and in our office beginning on Monday, December 7th. Continue reading “Spring 2016 Calendar”

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